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2013 Prom Dresses

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Sharing with you this post from Faye’s blog :)




First of all, let me just say WOW! I’ve never thought that we will be lucky enough to have this coveted pair of oxfords from Cool Kids Bklyn Boutique. The Chanel Inspired Oxfords are currently out of stock but they will be back in stock soon. No wonder, because this pair is really beautiful! Just take a look at these closer pics:


We got size US 6 or EU 22, it is still quite big for me but Mom likes it that way so I can use them more when I’m already walking, not just for OOTDs.


We love the bow and the classy Chanel buckle in gold.


The leather is also nicely sewn and the shoes look durable.


I’m so so excited to wear this pair in my upcoming OOTDs, Mommy already has a matching shirt for this one, can you guess what?


Go check out their website to get a pair for your little darlings!

Oh and by the way, you might also want to check out these fabulous sunglasses to match with these shoes. 


Aside from shoes and sunnies, there are a lot more kiddie fashion items at @coolkidsbklynboutique. It is surely mini fashionista’s heaven!


Uses of Scarf

One piece of fashion accessory that is commonly ignored by many is the scarf. Aside from keeping you warm, it adds an instant oomph to any outfit. But aside from that, there are a lot more uses for a simple scarf. Read on to know some of it.


1. It can be used as a bag. With the right way of folding and knotting, you can put few things inside your scarf bag.

2. It can be used as a bandana. Just wrap it around your head (just liek what pirates do) and it will surely look good with white shirt and jeans.

3. It can be used as a belt. Add some color to your simple outfit by using a colorful scarf as a belt. Not only that it accentuates your waist but it adds more details to your outfit too.


4. It can be used as a headband. Yes, just roll it the way you did when you used it as a belt then tie it around your head like a pretty headband.

5. It can be used as a necklace. You can braid it and tie it around your neck for an instant fabric necklace.

6. It can be used as a bag accent. You can tie the scarf around the bag handle to make it more comfortable to hold. 

imageWhat is your favorite use of scarfs? Can you share more suggestions to this list? If yo like to buy a new scarf for yourself, check out Tidebuy for a wide variety of choices.


Bridesmaid Dresses

Aside from the bride, the bridesmaids usually get attention during weddings because of their matching gowns. They also usually look real cute when they pose together with the bride. I can still remember my wedding day, I made my closest girlfriends wear this venus-cut gown in light pink and dark pink – which is my wedding’s color motif. They look really pretty in the gown I chose for them.

Choosing the perfect gown for your bridesmaids is as important as choosing one for yourself.  Just like my choices for the bridal gown in my last post, here are some Bridesmaid Dresses Online suggestions to be worn by your beautiful bridesmaids.


A-line Sweetheart Chiffon Short/Mini Ruffles Bridesmaid Dresses

My first choice of dress is something sweet and spontaneous. It is a short dress for a more carefree vibe. I love the sweetheart neckline which I think matches my first choice of wedding gown. It doesn’t have much details but the pleats on the upper part of the dress accentuates the curves of any lady.


A-line Sweetheart Chiffon Ankle-length Ruffles Bridesmaid Dresses

My second choice of bridesmaids dress will also match the serpentina cut wedding dress in my previous post.  The elegance of a long gown for the bridesmaids will surely highlight the beauty of the bride’s wedding dress. The sweetheart neckline is also another match . Remember, you will never go wrong with a sweetheart neckline.


A-line Scoop Lace Knee-length Sashes / Ribbons Bridesmaid Dresses

And finally, because the last wedding gown is accentuated by lace, here’s a lacey dress for the bridesmaids. The lace exudes nothing but femininity and elegance. This is also another type of dress which you cannot only wear on weddings but to other formal occasions as well. Somehow it’s not practical to buy expensive dresses which you can only wear in a single occasion. Agree? So I think, this dress would be my best choice.

Oh by the way, these dresses are available in different colors and sizes (even custom ones). Go check out these Bridesmaid Dresses Online now.


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